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Three Uninvited Winter Pests

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In Ontario temperatures start cooling off this time of year. Canadians rediscover the joy of coming in out of the cold to a nice warm home. Maybe even a fireplace to gather around. But did you know there are at least 3 uninvited winter pests that are thinking the same thing? Pests that turn their attention to getting inside your house for the winter at all cost.

In many cases with our 3 pests, its life or death to get out of the cold. As you know our winters can be very harsh. Therefore, mice, cockroaches, and bedbugs are determined and quite serious about getting in. After all, it’s not like they can get on a plane and head to the Caribbean. So how do you prevent them from moving in?


The heat in your whole house, including in the attic, and wall spaces are a refreshing contrast to blowing snow and extreme cold. Mice like the dark and don’t mind many of the unused spaces in your house. The warmth and the abundance of food stocked in cupboards and pantries makes your home a 5-star resort for a mouse. At first discovery, you might think they’re a little cute and they look harmless. But as we discussed in a previous blog, if there is one there is likely a family of them. They reproduce fast!

Unfortunately, they are not good tenants. Mice can cause serious damage to your homes electrical wiring, insulation, and finishes like drywall and trim. But by far the most destructive thing mice can bring in, is disease or pour health to your family. Mice are potential carriers of several diseases like Salmonella, and even tape worms, so you don’t want to be unknowingly sharing food with them.

If you hear little feet running in your joist spaces or walls while you are trying to sleep, chances are its mice you are hearing. Watch for tiny droppings, gnaw marks, and rummaged food. Seal any cracks and openings on the outside of your home with caulking. Mice can squeak through holes the size of a dime.


Cockroaches are also bad roommates, but in addition to carrying disease and destroying your home, they are also disgusting. Cockroaches have endured some of the world’s most catastrophic situations like ice ages and droughts. Yet they have survived for over thousands of years. They are the most common pests found in our world, and they are very hard to evict.

They usually arrive via secondhand furniture, or groceries they hitch-hike on. Yes, you can walk them right in without knowing it. They can also squeeze through the smallest of spaces you might deem impossible, like door and window trim. Once they’re in, if they find a source of food, they will flourish and procreate like WW2 just ended.

Watch for roach activity around your kitchens and bathrooms, they like heat and humidity. Keep your counters and floors clean, and free of food scraps. You will also find them under your sinks and appliances! They leave a disgusting trail of urine and saliva which can make a pattern on your floor or cabinets.

Bed Bugs

Like roaches, Bed Bugs are hitchhikers. If you travel for work often, you could be like a Boeing 747 to bed bugs. They spread by latching onto clothing, luggage, purses, and people. Again, if you’re not careful you could be walking in families of bedbugs and giving them more than the shirt of your back. Because they feed on you, they want your blood. This happens more in the winter when people go on vacation, frequenting hotels, resorts, and cottages with bed bug infestations. Once they have moved in, they can be difficult to kick out.

Look under your sheets and flip the mattress. Watch for bedbugs themselves and dark blood spots on the fabric. After a trip, clean your clothes and luggage thoroughly. It’s a good idea to sanitize your luggage & belongings in the garage, don’t even let them get a peek inside. Give them an inch, they’ll take your blood!

Extermination Can Be Easy.

Sprays and traps you buy at your local hardware store can help you with the “tip of the iceberg” of uninvited winter pests. But if you want to permanently solve your pest problem, talk to Sentinel Pest Control. After eliminating the threat, they will also help with preventative measures to protect your business or home all winter long. Sentinel Pest Control is fast, effective, and uses environmentally-friendly solutions. Call: (226) 989-5157 or Email: