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Pest Control Products

Commercial Pest Control Products for Home

We offer products that work. Sentinel Pest Control has spent years vetting various products that work well in the commercial extermination industry. Homeowners once without the ability to easily access these great products can now use these dynamic products around the house. The same products that Sentinel Pest Control relies on daily to treat the most aggressive infestations and angry invaders.

We Know What Works

Sentinel Pest Control is primarily a commercial company, but we know what works. Find proven effective products for Ants, Roaches, Flies, Wildlife, Rodents, Mosquitoes, birds, Pantry Pests, Beetles, Stinging Insects, and Herbisides. Simply the best products, that have proved effective over decades of use. Don’t guess, get products that work, and equipment to apply it safely and effectively.


Do you have questions about what the best product is for a specific situation? Call Sentinel Pest Control today, they can answer your questions. At least, they will try their best. Often, infestations that are significant in size can demand some time and attention. Leave a message and they will reply as soon as the opportunity allows.

Do you have some questions about a specific pest or pest control product? Visit Pest Stop’s Biology & Advice Posts. We are going to try and cover as many topics as possible about residential and commercial pests and how to deal with them. If that fails, call us today at (226) 989-5157