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Optical Gel for Bird Control

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How It Works?

Nuisance birds can be a problem for restaurants, plazas, and office buildings. And because in Canada most of them are protected they can be a challenge to control them. In most situations you must remove them, or prevent them from nesting, without harming them. One solution that Sentinel Pest Control uses is Optical Gel.

Optical Gel is a multi-sensory bird repellent that deters birds using sight, smell, and touch. All birds see the optical gel as a danger. They react to its appearance comparable to they way they react to smoke or fire. Birds of all species also hate the smell of the gel which is made from citronella and peppermint oil. Most people enjoy the fragrance of citronella and peppermint. If they get close enough to touch the gel which is rare, the sticky texture is an irritant to them, as most birds avoid sticky surfaces.

Optical Gel for Effective Bird Control Video

Easy to Install and Lasts Years

The Optical Gel can be glued, magnetically attached or zip tied to almost any surface. Sentinel Pest control has used it on ledges, signs, balconies, soffits, beams, skylights, signs, roofs, HVAC equipment, and enclosed spaces. Anywhere birds commonly nest or rest. Each dish is only 2-1/2 in. diameter and 1/4 in. tall, which means they are not obvious or eye soars for people. The ingredients are all green or environmentally friendly. Each dish lasts up to 4 years.

Optical Gel is a highly effective method to prevent birds from making a mess of your commercial property. Birds are completely unharmed and go on to rest or nest in other areas. Call Sentinel Pest Control today to solve your nascence bird problem.