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Effective Traps for Wasps

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A Second Look at Wasp Control

Encountering Yellow Jackets or wasps around your business or office can be unsettling, especially considering their aggressive nature. Implementing effective traps is a strategic way to manage Yellow Jacket and other wasp species populations without resorting to direct confrontations. In this guide, we’ll explore some tried-and-tested traps to help you control wasps effectively, and the best tool when you need to confront them.

Commercial Wasp Traps

Numerous commercially available wasp traps are designed specifically for Yellow Jackets and bald-faced hornets. These traps typically consist of a container with a lure that attracts them. Once inside, the wasp cannot escape. These traps are convenient, effective, and can be strategically placed in areas where they are frequently seen. This is important because they often travel significant distances from their nests, making them impossible to locate and destroy. Sentinel Pest Control as a commercial pest control company recommends using Rescue Yellow Jacket Traps (YJTD-E). This does not attract honey bee’s.

Homemade Bottle Traps

Create a simple yet effective trap using a plastic bottle. Cut the top third of a plastic bottle and invert it into the bottom part. Fill the bottom with a sweet liquid such as fruit juice or soda, which will attract the Yellow Jackets. The narrow opening will make it difficult for them to escape once they enter the trap. Hang these homemade traps around your outdoor spaces, particularly near problem areas. YouTube is full of examples of home-made traps that work well.

Meat Baits

Yellow Jackets are also attracted to protein sources. You can create a meat bait by placing a piece of raw meat (such as chicken or fish) in a container with small openings. Ensure the openings are large enough for Yellow Jackets to enter but not big enough for them to escape easily. This can be an effective way to lure Yellow Jackets away from high-traffic areas.

Soap and Water Trap

Yellow Jackets are sensitive to water tension. Mix a soapy solution in a bowl or container and place it near areas where wasps are active. When the Yellow Jackets come into contact with the soapy water, it reduces the water tension, causing them to drown. This is a simple and eco-friendly trap.

Lure Traps with Vinegar and Sugar

Create a lure by mixing vinegar and sugar in a container. The sweet and sour combination attracts Yellow Jackets. For added effectiveness, you can add a few drops of dish soap to break the surface tension and prevent them from flying away. Ensure to place these traps away from areas frequented by humans.


Sometimes direct confrontation becomes necessary. When it does, Sentinel Pest Control as a commercial pest control company recommends using OnGuard Hornet & Wasp Blaster Aerosol Spray. This blaster aerosol spray eliminates hornets and wasps on contact and destroys any returning insects. Reaches nests from more than 15 feet away. It Kills wasps, hornets, and yellowjackets with a high percentage of effectiveness on contact and removes insects that are immune to ordinary insecticides.

Call the Pro’s @ Sentinel Pest Control

Using traps is an effective and environmentally friendly way to manage Yellow Jackets around your Businesses. However, it’s important to be strategic in trap placement, regularly monitor and replace the traps, and exercise caution when dealing with nests or colonies. If the Yellow Jacket population is extensive or if nests are in challenging locations, seeking professional pest control assistance is recommended for a safe and efficient solution. Call Sentinel Pest Control for effective wasp control.

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